Habiba Abubakar – Providing the Elderly Value, Quality and Peace

One of the primary goals of Habiba Abubakar, founder of the Elderly and the Poor Foundation, is to seek value, quality-of-life and peace for the elderly population of Nigeria. A dedicated and compassionate philanthropist for much of her life, Abubakar looks to support every elderly member of the Nigerian population through such essential services as facilities, gifts, outings, food, cleaning, information and more.

Habiba Abubakar and EAP believe that older people through Nigeria should have the ability to maintain their independence, and to live their lives with dignity and peace of mind. Their objective is to offer every Nigerian senior citizen the best in residential and nursing care, and help the elderly live happily and securely in their own homes through access to a variety of community services, which includes grant-giving, welfare , home support and home-visiting for those in the most financial need.

Hajia Habiba Abubakar and EAP are passionate about providing the support elderly people need to live a better quality of life. They believe that every older person deserves to have something tangible and positive to look forward to, and to have the same quality opportunity to live their lives to their fullest potential.

Through the generosity and support of friends and contributors throughout the country, Habiba Abubakar and the Elderly and the Poor Foundation continues to expand their services to better serve the elderly, and to help the older Nigerian population face whatever challenges that come their way. Their goal is to provide a constant source of caring support to every elderly individual in need of help.


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