Habiba Abubakar – Helping Provide Meaning to People’s Lives

As the leader and founder of the Elderly and the Poor Foundation, a nonprofit organization, Habiba Abubakar strives to provide the disadvantaged an accessible resource of help, support and care at all times. Her ultimate goal is help provide real meaning to people’s lives, and to make a positive difference in both her community and throughout her country.

Habiba Abubakar believes that every child is a gift from God, and that no child is born or deserves to live a life of suffering. It is because of this belief that Abubakar created the EAP Foundation, an organization whose primary focus and goal is to care for and cater to each struggling child’s needs, and to provide for those that would otherwise have no means or access to support. Nothing is as satisfying or as rewarding to Abubakar as the opportunity to make a young person smile, and to provide hope and help where non previously existed.

Poverty and disability can be difficult conditions to cope with for anyone, though they tend to have a much deeper impact on the lives of children. Hajia Habiba Abubakar’s goal is to show local children that there are, in fact, people and organizations out there that truly care about their welfare and well-being, and that a helping hand is always nearby when they need it the most.

Abubakar and EAP help to provide education, shelter, food, clothing and medical services to children in need, and to see that everyone has the opportunity to both find and begin a fresh start to their lives.



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