Habiba Abubakar – Founder of the EAP Foundation

Habiba Abubakar is the founder of the non-government organization, the Elderly and the Poor Foundation, or, the ‘EAP Foundation’. Based in Abuja, Nigeria, she founded the EAP Foundation in 2006 as a nonprofit organization that does not accept or solicit financial contributions. Uniquely positioned to help the under-served populations of the poor, elderly, and struggling families, she has sustained the EAP Foundation on her own since founding it nine years ago.

A highly successful property management professional, Habiba Abubakar owns and operates a number of properties throughout the city of Abuja, Nigeria. She is a graduate of the University of Science and Technology Haryana, where she earned her degree in Mass Communication. She has also received her professional development diploma from UK-based Edexcel in Business Management, as well as her HND from the Stratford Business School.

Habiba Abubakar has received recognition for not only her business prowess, but also for her tireless altruism at the EAP Foundation. She has bestowed countless donations of her money to the NGO, and has never allowed the organization to accept donations nor has she solicited them. It is her belief that no matter where those in need may live, whether in one country, or another, they are entitled to the same basic necessities for human well-being. Especially children.

Habiba Abubakar has been recognized for her philanthropy by a number of organizations with a myriad of awards. She is the recipient of an ADMA award, the African Legacy award, the Ibo Youth Ambassador Award, and many more.


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